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Link Roundup: a decade in review from a blog one week old!

December 27, 2009


Well, its that time of year when you get to look back on the past twelve months and reflect, or look forward to the next twelve. Since we just started InnBrooklyn a week ago we’d be hardpressed to give a worthy summary of the year by reviewing our own blog… so, this weeks link roundup is our metalist: a list of lists from other sites and bloggers we want to share:

  • First, a list of key events over the last ten years: many depressing reminders of the way we are failing to protect our environment, and the devastating consequences, but also the clear evidence of the enormous growth of the sustainable movement
  • For anyone interested in eating ethically/sustainably/locally, from Lavida Locavore a good list of books you should read. I haven’t read all of them so I’m setting myself a goal of closing that gap in the coming months and I’ll plan to write some ‘book reports’ for you then
  • If you need reasons to make your life more sustainable, here is a list of nine endangered animal species that might not make it to the next decade. Having gone to see the ‘Amazing Mammals’ exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History today (again) I am feeling particularly passionate about the need to fight the massive extinction rate that we are causing
  • For the techies, treehugger’s list of best green gadgets of the year. A really fun roundup with some ideas that seem genuinely useful. (I think that solar iphone charger might be Noerah’s birthday present next year!)
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