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Weekly Link Roundup – DIY edition

January 12, 2010

Apple Time Capsule

Crafting and DIY have made a great comeback over the last years, and the recent economic downturn led even more people to want to find ways to make things for themselves.  As for me, I’ve been making things since as far back as I can remember: and its nice to have the cool kids catch up finally.  No doubt if you are a crafter you saw this article in the NY times about Etsy: I know it got forwarded to me several times over the course of the week… anyway, for all of you makers and doers and crafters here are a few exciting sites for sourcing materials and getting inspiration!


This awesome site prints custom fabrics in your own patterns with no minimum order.  They have several base fabrics, including an organic cotton.  There are also handy tutorials on their website to help you get your design right and make the repeats work seamlessly.  I  have a new pattern in mind and its going to happen soon!  Will keep you posted

Imperial Stock Ranch

I just discovered the Bulky 2 Strand Pencil Roving from Imperial Stock Ranch and am loving the way it is knitting up.  The ranch is sustainably farmed and they offer a selection of organic fibres.  I’m excited to try some of their other wools.  Since the roving is carded but not spun its a bit delicate and you have to be careful not to pull at it while you are knitting, but once you get it into a garment it seems good and durable.   I’ll post some photos of my finished scarf once it is done!

Pinhole Camera

We at innBrooklyn love our fabulous digital cameras (and by we I mostly mean Noerah) and we always like to keep up to date on the best photographic equipment.  But sometimes you just can’t beat an old school pinhole camera.  The effects are unpredictable but always exciting.  And its good to know that the embodied energy of the object is little more than a recycled cereal box

Corn on the cob cupcakes

Melissa was just expressing her love for all things faux food (like her new meat shaped throw pillows) and I realised that for her birthday I’d just have to make her some faux food food… like these corn on the cob cupcakes from the ‘Hello Cupcake’ book.  They are ridiculously easy to make even if they are a bit corny!  I know this book was making the rounds last year but if you haven’t seen it have a look.

–By Talia

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  1. January 12, 2010 10:36 pm

    The pinhole camera is great! I was almost tempted to create one, but I wouldn’t even know where to go to get a ‘real’ film developed these days. A photographer made a pinhole camera using an iPhone box:

    This is not a pinhole camera, but an iPhone app called Camera Bag (for $1.99) produces a filter effect called Helga that makes the picture look like it was taken from a pinhole camera: My favorite filter effect from that list is 1974.. brings back memories. Its too far back.. you wouldn’t remember, Talia.

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