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One of the family

January 14, 2010

I have run an holistic pet supply store for a few years now, it’s not something I ever dreamed of doing, but it is something I have come to love, plus the education I got on pet food – priceless!

My own dog – a large long haired German shepherd – has tried many different foods, now he’s on a very simple formula, that has only four ingredients.  Its worth finding the right product for your pooch or puss, as fillers, and cheap ingredients can cause all sorts of problems, and prove costly in vets bills.  I feel like animals, like people respond differently to different diets, so its worth a bit of research, a few tasting sessions, and always worth visiting a reputable pet supply store where more often than not the staff can offer some good advice.  Another good solution is calling the help numbers of good companies, they can often offer advice, or answer your pressing questions, and honestly it’s amazing how helpful people in this industry can be!!  A great website to look at is where you can compare different dog and cat foods (it lists all the ingredients) from there you start to really understand that there is a lot more to your pet food than you ever knew!

By Tara

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