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Chocolate croissants

June 26, 2012
Chocolate croissant

Chocolate croissant

Despite posting much less often than we used to, I still come visit innBrooklyn pretty frequently and check in to see who has been visiting us and why…. its fun to see what searches bring people over here.  For your edification, or amusement: the most popular searches linking to innBrooklyn are:

  • at number four, searches for ‘blue porn’ — where the searcher is destined to be sadly disappointed to find only mouth watering food photos from Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
  • at number three: those seeking salve for the pain of dating in NYC (I know, believe me, I feel for you … but don’t look here for help, that post was all about my granny Bessie’s recipe for date cookies);
  • at number two: home made instant pancake mix (people like convenience foods, even those they have to prepare themselves).
  • and, finally, the most searched for item on innBrooklyn is croissants… we get searches for these from all over the world coming in as: rohlík, kroasan, κρουασαν, קרואסון, кифла ,كرواسون, ay çöreği ,kifla.  I love to see these listed in our dashboard, it really illustrates the amazing connected world the internet has opened up: and I like to picture the person over in Kiev or Tel Aviv busy rolling out layers of buttery dough from the recipe they found on innBrooklyn!

Chocolate croissant

My only regret is that our croissant post was a very early post, and the photo is just not up to scratch.  I hate to think that the readers in Istanbul and Minsk will be denied some of Noerah’s beautiful photography!  Fortunately, plain butter croissants are just the beginning of my love affair with layers of pastry and butter… I also adore the ‘pain au chocolate’ and recently baked up a batch using a new recipe from Peter Reinhart’s ‘Artisan Bread’s Every Day‘.  I’m not sure why I decided to try this recipe instead of the epicurious recipe I usually use: but I was glad I did.  Reinhart uses a process that incorporates some cold/slow fermentation (the secret behind the no knead bread) which meant the dough could be refrigerated for a few days before all the rolling begins.  His rolling/folding process also seemed a little less time consuming.  I did revert to my Epicurious recipe for the final shaping of the chocolate croissants as that recipe made more, albeit, smaller, croissants which I thought might force me to eat less (alas, no!)

Making croissants is not really difficult but it is somewhat time consuming (if you see a recipe for ‘quick croissants’ don’t believe it!).  The basic premise is that you make a dough, make a butter block and then use a technique where you sandwich the butter between layers of dough which you then roll and fold continuously so that you get a number of layers (about 81!).

Chocolate croissant

81 layers of dough!

When the croissants bake the butter melts and creates air pockets which expand leaving you with a soft, rich, flaky pastry!  In the interests of keeping this post to a manageable length I am not going to retype the recipes I use.  You can find Reinharts croissant recipe here.  And Epicurious has good instructions for the final shaping of the pain au chocolate.  Also, after much searching, I found the best place to buy the chocolate batons to be King Arthur flour (It really is worth buying these: trust me, I’ve done it both ways!)

My final word of advice: don’t eat them all yourself!

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  1. June 26, 2012 4:55 pm

    Thanks for the shout to my blog, what a nice surprise! Yeap, the best advice is not to eat them all yourself! Dangerous stuff.. 😉

  2. June 29, 2012 11:48 am

    Great post! your bakes look sooo delicious! =)

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