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About Us

Two professional architects, one a compulsive maker and baker, the other a tech loving geek, share their efforts to live a good life, organically.

Talia Braude

Talia is an architect and makeaholic who always has a project on the go. She dreams of opening an urban bed and breakfast but in the meantime she is happy to make the buildings she works on more sustainable and continues to feed her friends tasty treats.

Noerah Alvi

Noerah is an architect who loves restoring old buildings.  She is also a geek who is passionate about all things technology such as computers (a recent Mac convert), photography, gadgets and her iPhone.  She hopes to write an iPhone app one day.

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About our guest bloggers:

Melissa Wagner, librarian by day, scavenger by night, lover of ephemera at all times.  She lives in Bed Stuy, Broolyn and loves scouring websites and sidewalks for  free (and cheap) used goodies ripe for repurposing.


Indira Banerjee

Indira Banerjee is an avid e-book reader. She loves to read suspense novels and non-fiction written particularly in the field of personal finance and self-improvement.  She loves scrapbooking and crafts. She is also a working mother and has been in the Financial Services sector for many years.


Tara Kashyap lives in Brooklyn with her husband, their very large dog and their pretty small daughter.   She enjoys co-owning a pet food store but also wants to get back to teaching pilates some time soon!


Briana Miller is a yoga teacher and full-time 9-to-5er with an interest in greening her A/E firm from the inside out.


Stace Moye is an architect who has been interested in historic buildings since elementary school (he was the nerdy one who sometimes got scolded for drawing a 19th century building during class instead of listening to the teacher).
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